Bespoke Software Development

As a software development company, we believe that the team at 97 Technologies offers unrivalled technical and marketing expertise in providing high quality and cost effective custom software development solutions.

Bespoke software development

Bespoke software development

An experienced software development company will be able to advise a client business on whether their demands can be met through acquiring a CotS (Commercial off the Shelf) software package or whether their requirements can only be met by a bespoke application software solution.

Businesses can be wary about the likely custom software development cost as compared to a commercially available option, but a bespoke application may not necessarily come with a price tag that is excessively more expensive. For instance, CotS packages from some vendors can involve significant up-front licensing costs as well as not being totally fit for purpose when it comes to the client’s specific requirements.

Empowering specific demands and practices

97 Technologies offers a custom software development and custom application development service that is based on over 20 years of experience in undertaking large and small scale projects for a range of industrial, commercial and professional organisations. These have included complex bespoke software solutions that have involved multi-site integration and multilingual requirements that have demanded skilful software and custom app programming by our operations team.

Our expertise

These skills are also demanded for bespoke application software that covers a range of very specific requirements. An example of this can be seen in the Senior Safety App Case Study. These are based on key demands by workers in the care sector to ensure the wellbeing of vulnerable elderly people in their charge, which a CotS package would not accommodate.

As a software development company, we believe that the team at 97 Technologies offers unrivalled technical and marketing expertise in providing high quality and cost effective custom software development solutions. Please contact us for further information. 


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What is bespoke software development?

Bespoke software development is the process of conceptualising, designing, building and deploying software for the specific needs of a business or activity.

Can you develop GDPR compatible software?

Yes. We have already developed many GDPR compliant web and mobile software applications that store and process sensitive personal and financial data.

What is Agile software development?

Agile software development is an iterative approach to creating software products based on quickly releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) and then adjusting it and adding features and functionalities in stages based on user behavior and feedback.

What is the difference between bespoke software and off-the-shelf software?

Bespoke software is specifically tailored and adapted to meet your business needs. In contrast, off-the-shelf software is readily available, not customized, and requires your business to adapt to its capabilities.

Why bespoke software development is more effective?

Businesses that require software that is tailor-made to the specific demands of their enterprise need bespoke software development. The process includes the design, creation, deployment and maintenance of bespoke software developed for specific use and functionality in mind. Thus, when businesses have unique needs and requirements, the custom software proves to be effective.

What are the benefits to having bespoke software?

Some of the most prominent benefits of custom software development include the following:

  1. Get A Unique & Innovative Product
  2. Scale Your Organization Better
  3. Increase Your Return on Investment
  4. Integrate Software with Other Programs
  5. Receive Ongoing Technical Support

Can we convert a bespoke module to SaaS platform?

Yes, if your customer demands the same features and functionalities then you can build a multitenant SaaS platform, it may be little expensive however in the long run it has more advantages over cost and deployment.

Can we convert bespoke desktop software to web based?

We have converted many desktop apps to a browser compatible app without changing much in the functionalities and backend database, while streamlining the UX and providing a long term solution.

Which technology is better to build and use bespoke software?

There is not a thumb rule to pick any particular technology to build the software in however we prefer PHP and .Net languages due to their ease of user to maintain, manage and future development

How can we secure bespoke software?

We have years of experience securing the software that includes SSL, PCI scanning, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, restricted access to hosting infrastructure, code & database-level security etc.

Can we build bespoke software that runs on windows or Linux or both?

The new .Net 6.0 offers the ability to host an application on Windows and Linux boxes. In fact, Microsoft support Linux based MSSQL server as well.

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