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Senior Safety App Case Study

Senior safety app

App designers at 97 Technologies worked on the development and release of the Senior Safety App, giving caregivers peace of mind and clarity over the health of their patient or loved one.


The system involves installing the app on the senior’s phone, which in turn enables the caregiver to monitor the location of the phone and receive alerts for emergency help requests, malicious apps, phone falling and low battery alerts. This can all be accessed through the caregiver using their email on the program.


What it does

This app was designed to help the elderly lead an independent life whilst having their loved ones only one click of a button away.


The app development process allowed our team to make the Senor Safety App as simple and easy to use as possible, providing a wide range of features:

  • SOS and Alarm – Having access to SOS allows a text to be sent out to alert multiple individuals and it has a powerful alarm function for attracting attention during emergencies. 
  • 24/7 senior GPS tracker – Keep an eye on your senior loved ones at all times and ensure they travel safe, get their exercise and stay out of dangerous situations.
  • Fall alert – If the user of the app was to have a fall, the caregiver will be alerted straight away. 
  • Geo-fence zone alert – The caregiver can also receive alerts when the device enters or leaves a pre-defined area. 


  • Inactivity tracker – For seniors who live alone, this is a very important feature to let others know if they have been immobile for an extended amount of time.
  • Low battery alert – Keeping the phone attached to the app is vital and you can configure when you want to get alerts based on battery availability.
  • APP usage report and alerts – Malicious apps have become commonplace, and some are specifically targeted at seniors. This feature allows you to see if the elderly person in your care has been conned. 
  • Emergency medical information – The Senior Safety App ensures that medical information such as doctor’s name, phone, medications and allergies are available at your fingertips.

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