About 97 Technologies

Many of our clients have requested our services in app development, SaaS and custom software development and we have consistently been able to deliver successful solutions for them.

About 97 Technologies

97 Technologies

The rapid evolution of digital technology, much of it cloud based, has made many innovative and supportive online tools readily available to business.

These can help forward-looking enterprises to boost their operational efficiency and communicate effectively with target markets that are likely to progressively expand.

97 Technologies specialises in three areas that play a key role in these developments:

  1. App development
  2. Custom software development
  3. SaaS (Software as a Service)

Creating advanced applications to enhance performance

As experienced marketing strategists and content creators as well as technical experts, we are focused on the individual client’s objectives. We ensure that we are fully versed on the markets which they wish to enter into or consolidate, the activities of their competitors and developments in their industry sector.

Understanding client objectives and markets

In other words, whether a project we undertake involves rapid application development, bespoke software development or providing Software as a Service, we will be fully aware of why the client needs a particular solution as well as being committed to ensuring that it performs perfectly.

Understanding the client’s business and having an accurate insight into their aspirations for a project is crucial to its successful outcome - and that’s how we work.

How did this all begin?

97 Technologies is the newest colt in the rapidly expanding stable of thoroughbred services bred and trained by BBI Brandboost. It has come about because of our mission as a client-focused business combined with our technical expertise and problem-solving capabilities. Many of our clients had requested our services in app development, SaaS and custom software development and we have consistently been able to deliver successful solutions for them.

The market for these digital technology services has been rapidly increasing and we therefore took the decision to set up a new division within our business that would highlight our knowledge and technical skills in these specific areas. 97 Technologies is founded on the experience of our technical team and our strategic vision relating to future digital developments. It is an exciting enterprise that is firmly based on our success in undertaking challenging projects across a wide range of business sectors, designed to meet the demands of both B2B and B2C target markets.

97 Technologies has been created by BBI Brandboost, online communications and marketing specialists operating from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.


Having worked in IT for nearly 30 years, Andrew brings a wealth of experience to the 97 Technologies leadership team. Simultaneously blessed with an eye for detail and an ability to understand and evaluate project goals, Andrew is to project scoping as Michelangelo is to ceiling art; he can produce scoping documents, define requirements, identify pitfalls and even extrapolate from initial discussions to realise where a development roadmap might lead.

When he is not working to ensure client ideas come to fruition, Andrew can be found either walking in Buckinghamshire’s beautiful countryside, tending to his immaculate garden or, when he is danger of becoming too relaxed, supporting his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.


While living and working abroad in the years following university, Jason discovered a knack for communication and an aptitude for languages - skills that have proved invaluable throughout his many years in IT.

Put simply, Jason speaks geek. He is able to translate project requirements as spelled out by a client into language that developers understand, and vice versa. If a technical bump in the road appears, Jason is able to relay back to the client the reason for the sudden jolt they just felt, in ‘layman’s terms’ (another dialect in which Jason has achieved almost native fluency).

When he is not facilitating a smooth flow of communication at work, Jason can usually be found jogging cross-country through scenic Buckinghamshire or sat at the side of a lake acquiring new fisherman’s tales.


Known as a leader who is flexible, but firm when it comes to quality of code and delivery timetables, Ketan creates project plans months in advance and strictly adheres to them without fail. Ketan earned his engineering degree in Information Technology from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University and has earned several certifications from Pulse Partners.

Ketan is a valuable addition to the 97 Technologies Team and has introduced several new management initiatives that have helped us be more efficient and productive, with a more attentive approach to the needs of our staff. He brings natural leadership skills to the team with a strong sense for identifying the most suitable solutions blended with the ideal amalgamation of technologies to make it happen.

As the leader of a diverse team of programmers, Ketan guides his team to deliver solutions that include everything from retail systems and corporate websites to multi-facet kiosk apps that redefine business processes. Born from his immense experience in designing complex interactive products, Ketan’s motivation comes from the belief that far-reaching effects can occur by improving even one person’s life through thoughtful design.


Way back in 1996, just fresh out of college, Inderjit fell in love with web design and has been at it for almost 20 years. These years of experience help Inder guide all of our projects towards successful launch in a timely manner. He is always yearning to learn new design trends and tricks to build upon his vast wealth of knowledge.

As the leader of the Storyboard and HTML Divisions at 97 Technologies, it is certainly no secret among his team that Inder wants all of his ducks in a row before starting on a project. You can rest assured knowing that his frequent and numerous process questions result in a team that understands every project goal in the absolute clearest terms before a single line of code is ever written.

When not sitting at his computer, you are most likely to find Inder cruising along on his motorbike around the beautiful coast of the Mumbai sea face.

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