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Warranty Service App Case Study

Warranty service app

Industrial air compressors are vital to a range of applications in manufacturing and other industry sectors such as oil & gas. They are engineered to be capable of supplying a constant flow of compressed air over extended periods of time and include high quality components to ensure optimum performance, reliability and energy efficiency. However, industry data estimates that compressed air systems can waste up to 30% of compressed air through leaks, poor control or lack of maintenance.

Regular servicing & maintenance is therefore essential to keep this equipment performing to its required standard, providing peace of mind to operators and business owners alike. A leading manufacturer of air compressors and other advanced engineering technology provides exceptional levels of maintenance and service support through its worldwide network of distributors.


When working on customer sites, the highly skilled compressor service technicians representing the company are required to both record and communicate the information obtained from the servicing under warranty in the most convenient and effective manner.

The process

The 97 Technologies team of app developers designed a mobile solution based on the Android operating system and using QR codes to take the technician operators through the servicing programme. 

The stages include:

  1. Check compressor URL registration
  2. Input operating hours 
  3. Access and update service record
  4. Select oil used from list
  5. Calculate next service date

This has proved to be a highly successful mobile app development project and this bespoke application created by 97 Technologies is in consistent use throughout the client’s servicing network, offering an easy-to-use tool for accessing and recording essential data.


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