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Torque Measurement Apps Case Study

Torque measurement apps

97 Technologies created a new app for a world leading manufacturer of torque tools and calibration equipment. Available as a free iPhone and Android download, the app will calculate what value you need to set on a torque wrench to achieve the desired level of torque when the wrench is extended. Putting an extension on a torque wrench increases the level of torque being applied to a fastener – the longer the wrench, the greater the torque.


With instructions available in English, French, German and Spanish, the Torque Wrench Extension Calculator app provides instant and useful calculations as guidelines for engineering professionals and any other sector where setting accurate torque measurements is a priority, providing the opportunity to gain precise information at any time and at any place.


What it does

This app development project followed on from the launch of a Torque Conversion Calculator we had designed for the same company the previous year. Also available as a free download on Android and iPhone systems, this app offers instant conversion across a full range of SI, Metric and Imperial Units. 

SI (initials derived from the French Système International d’Unités) is a worldwide system of measurement in science and commerce. The widely used SI measurement of torque is the Newton Metre (N.m), which is the level of torque resulting from the force of one Newton at a distance of one metre. This approximates to just over 0.1 Kgf.m (kilogram force metre) and 0.7 lbf.ft (pound/force/foot)

Why you need it

Being able to access this information from mobile devices is invaluable for professionals in engineering, science and other sectors requiring accurate torque measurement. Students and apprentices in engineering and technology also find this app a useful tool to assist in their calculations.


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