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Easy World Clock Case Study

Easy world clock App

Our team of app designers came up with a tool which enables professionals to schedule meetings around the globe.


The easy world time clock app is a popular app for scheduling across time zones and finding the best times for cross time zone appointments. It can be integrated with Google calendar and the Google apps calendar and makes appointment planning stress free.


What it does

The app shows you what the time would be in other cities compared to where you are, allowing you to find the best times to speak on the phone and schedule appointments.


The app development process allowed our team of app designers to vigorously test the software, making sure the system worked well and without any glitches. This means it has a simple and intuitive interface as well as a host of other features:

  • Free/busy time imported from your Google calendar in the event colour assigned.
  • Support for both Gmail calendar and Google apps calendar.
  • Add multiple time zones and see the current time in each time zone.
  • Search, add & convert between time zones across all the world.
  • Closely integrated with Google calendar to schedule meetings on the fly from the app.
  • Add unlimited time zones to compare.
  • Handy app for persons working with international clients or associates.
  • Ideal app for IT companies and BPO (business process outsourcing).
  • Works offline even when your phone is not connected to the internet.


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