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Child Tracker Case Study

Child tracker app

97 Technologies has created a mobile app to enable parents and guardians to check on the safety of children in their care. This powerful tool allows for 24/7 monitoring of a child’s or a teenager’s activities, to protect them from harm online and to track their location in case of hazardous incidents or accidents.

The Child Safety & Tracker App includes an invaluable SOS feature, so that children can request help rapidly via text alerts from a range of nominated people. This can be configured so as to call all emergency contacts in turn until connection takes place.


The Child Safety & Tracker app was created by 97 Technologies in collaboration with child psychologists, digital media experts and law enforcement representatives.

Protective measures include

  1. Preventing online abuse: regular reports on app usage to safeguard children against sexting, online predators, cyberbullying, online scams and phone abuse.

  2. Location monitoring: the app will let you know immediately if a child is in an unfamiliar location, alights in the wrong place when using public transport, does not arrive at school or is stranded. It allows safe zones to be set, such as the school or a recognised neighbourhood, and will alert those monitoring when the child enters or exits them.

  3. Automatic fall alerts: built-in motion sensors will detect sudden jerks or incapacitation in case of a fall and send alerts. The sensitivity can be adjusted in order to recognise to a child’s normal acceptable lifestyle activities.

  4. Low battery alerts: the app will notify those monitoring when the mobile phone battery needs recharging

  5. Inactivity alerts: the app will locate a mobile phone that has inadvertently been left behind and also will check whether the child is using their mobile phone during school hours.

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